Knife of the Party
April 14th 2014 Post has 4 notes.
spacewolves warhammer40k

Finished my Grey Hunter Pack for my Space Wolf Kill Team. #warhammer40k #spacewolves

April 9th 2014 Post has 7 notes.
WarHammer 40k Necrons

Finished up my Necron Annihilation Barge over the weekend. I still have to do the base but I’m waiting on some crystals I ordered.

April 6th 2014 Post has 6 notes.
warhammer lizardmen

My first fully painted Lizardman for WarHammer fantasy. #warhammer #lizardmen

April 6th 2014 Post has 1 notes.

No filter can capture the regal beauty and unprecedented royalty of Oliver.

April 2nd 2014 Post has 2 notes.

Some new desk mates.

April 2nd 2014 Post has 6 notes.
Personal Work Art Director Extreme Group

New Good job is Good.

I’ve been working at Extreme Group for the past three months and I have to say its been great. Sure I’ve had one or two late nights / early mornings to get stuff done, but it has always been worth it.

Today has been really good so far. Getting work done efficiently, had a great client meeting, and I’m directing a photo shoot in another province via email and text. There are always stresses at jobs, I find it helps me get things done. I haven’t been debilitated by the stress yet, and it feels great every time a project gets finished.

I just had this thought as I was walking from a meeting and thought I would share it. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.

April 1st 2014 Post has 8 notes.
WarHammer 40k 40k Eldar

I finished my first commission WarHammer piece tonight. I’m by no means a professional. I just love painting. I asked our play group if people would be interested in me painting an HQ or warlord piece for them and I got a request. A lot of the group doesn’t have time to paint their pieces so I saw an opportunity.

March 31st 2014 Post has 11 notes.
warhammer 40k 40k space wolves terminator

I think I’ve finished the first member of my Space Wolf Kill Team. I know you can’t have terminators, but I just wanted my Lone Wolf to look really badass.

His armor may look strange because it’s actually chaos armor. I tried to make it look more space wolfy. I think fluff wise I could say that he took it from some chaos terminator that hurt his brother or some nonsense to justify. Forging the narrative as they say.

March 27th 2014 Post has 3 notes.
WarHammer 40k 40k Necrons tyranids

I was also playing with this macro lens I got for my phone. It’s pretty awesome.

March 27th 2014 Post has 3 notes.
warhammer 40k 40k Necrons

I finished two of my Necrons to figure out their color scheme for the rest of the army. I’m pretty excited for these guys. They seem like a lot of fun to play and are a blast to paint.