Knife of the Party

Played a great game with Steve using 7th edition rules and tactical objectives which was a fun change of pace. It was my Tau vs his IG with a knight and Scions. I won 9 to 5. #warhammer40k #tau #battlereport

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Beach Day!

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halifax northbynight

Packed North by Night event this evening. Had a fancy lemonade and a food truck grilled cheese. #northbynight #halifax

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wip 40k chaos warhammer40k

I think I’ve got the final paint scheme or my Chaos Space Marine Raptor kill team. I didn’t want to go gold on black or blue, so it’s more of a metallic rust with gold highlights. So mostly a purple and orange look. I’ll do the bases all together when I finish the other models. #warhammer40k #chaos #40k #wip

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thousandsons chaos warhammer40k

A closer look at my Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine with Anubis style helmet. I’m really digging it. Something a little different to look at in the army. #warhammer40k #chaos #thousandsons

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tau 40k warhammer40k

A beaten down but not out Commander Farsight. #warhammer40k #tau #40k

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thousandsons 30k chaos warhammer40k 40k

Second Contemptor Dreadnought (Hellbrute) for my Thousand Sons army.

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nova scotia Canada day

Hanging with a group of buds at a cottage this Canada Day weekend.

More or less finished my first Thousand Sons Dreadnought. I might do some more sand weathering. We will see how I feel in the morning. #warhammer40k #chaos #30k #thousandsons

New everyday shoes from the awesome @freshgoodsinc . #shoes #adidas #zx750 #freshgoods