Knife of the Party
September 15th 2014 Post has 1 notes.
thousandsons wip chaos forgeworld warhammer40k

Hell Blade one of two assembled and put in hot water to straighten out some wonky resin. #warhammer40k #chaos #thousandsons #wip #forgeworld

September 8th 2014 Post has 6 notes.
warhammer 40k 40k chaos Rhino terminator Thousand Sons Tzeentch

An update on my Thousand Sons army. A few new Terminators as well as completing my Lead Rhino.

September 6th 2014 extremegroup

Another angle of my braid from @elizabethfed at #extremegroup

September 5th 2014 Post has 2 notes.
menwithbraids extremegroup

Sweet braid by @elizabethfed at #extremegroup . I think I like it. #menwithbraids

Finally assembled my lead rhino for my Thousand Sons army. I’m very excited to pimp this guy out. It’s got some green LEDs, Chaos trim and some Forge World doors. Super stoked to paint this up. Need some batteries for the lights. Hopefully tomorrow. #warhammer40k #chaos #thousandsons #wip #40k

August 31st 2014 Post has 1 notes.
toronto vacation

See ya next time #toronto. #vacation

August 28th 2014 Post has 1 notes.
toronto vacation

Some delicious dumplings from China town today. #toronto #vacation

August 28th 2014 toronto vacation

Had an awesome time at the aquarium yesterday. So many beautiful creatures. #toronto #vacation

August 26th 2014 Post has 1 notes.
toronto bluejays vacation hotdogs

Awesome end to another great day. #bluejays #hotdogs #toronto #vacation

August 26th 2014 Post has 7 notes.
toronto vacation

Delicious lunch at @famous-franks today with @jjsteeves and @coreythedopest hot dogs that were battered and deep fried with lettuce and carrots and blue cheese sauce. Also made - to - order mini donuts. #toronto #vacation