Knife of the Party
July 18th 2014 wip eldar warhammer40k

Going to be my most ambitious paint job yet. Custom 4 armed Wraith Knight for @mrlarter . He couldn’t decide what weapons he wanted so he’s getting all of them. #warhammer40k #eldar #wip

I was the art director, designed the cover as well as some spreads for the current Taste of Nova Scotia Culinary Guide. It has been out in market for a while, but we just took some nice photos of it so that we can update the portfolio at work. This was the first large project I did here and although it was a bit of a pain in the ass while we were working on it, I think it came out beautifully. Definitely wouldn’t have been near as awesome without our fantastic production designer Lynn.

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Vegan envie Restaurant Graphic Design Poster

The restaurant has a series of “Chef’s go Vegan” nights where they invite chefs from non-vegan restaurants to create a specific menu for the event. I’ve made a handful of these posters over the past year.

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Vegan Envie Halifax Graphic Design advertising

A reasonably quick turnaround for a magazine ad for a local vegan restaurant that I do some freelance work for.

(Remember! I make stuff that isn’t tiny soldiers!)

Marvel announces new Thor will be female. Not “She-Thor”, “Lady Thor”, “Thorita”, Whomever-is-worthy-and-holds-this-hammer Thor. The real deal. Really exciting. via

Played a great game with Steve using 7th edition rules and tactical objectives which was a fun change of pace. It was my Tau vs his IG with a knight and Scions. I won 9 to 5. #warhammer40k #tau #battlereport

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Beach Day!

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halifax northbynight

Packed North by Night event this evening. Had a fancy lemonade and a food truck grilled cheese. #northbynight #halifax

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wip 40k chaos warhammer40k

I think I’ve got the final paint scheme or my Chaos Space Marine Raptor kill team. I didn’t want to go gold on black or blue, so it’s more of a metallic rust with gold highlights. So mostly a purple and orange look. I’ll do the bases all together when I finish the other models. #warhammer40k #chaos #40k #wip

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thousandsons chaos warhammer40k

A closer look at my Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine with Anubis style helmet. I’m really digging it. Something a little different to look at in the army. #warhammer40k #chaos #thousandsons