Knife of the Party
August 26th 2014 Post has 1 notes.
toronto bluejays vacation hotdogs

Awesome end to another great day. #bluejays #hotdogs #toronto #vacation

August 26th 2014 Post has 7 notes.
toronto vacation

Delicious lunch at @famous-franks today with @jjsteeves and @coreythedopest hot dogs that were battered and deep fried with lettuce and carrots and blue cheese sauce. Also made - to - order mini donuts. #toronto #vacation

Finished my Thousand Sons Vanquisher with dozer blade. Lots of fun painting this model. Stoked to do a second one. I got this model from Puppets War in Poland. They have some great stuff for miniatures.

Wraith Lord commission I did for a friend. Custom leg pose and a more unique base. I used Woodland Scenics Liquid Water for the first time. Definitely a cool effect. Excited to try it on my own models. Click for a larger version to see more detail.

August 7th 2014 Post has 1 notes.
cats cream

Sweet new pillow for couch courtesy of @freshgoodsinc and @ripndip #CREAM #cats

My blog turned 6 today! Its been quite a while. I shutter to think about my posts in the early years. What a long way we’ve come.

August 4th 2014 Post has 1 notes.
tyranids 40k warhammer40k

My happy little Tyrannofex playing in our garden. Gotta figure out a base treatment for him. Really enjoyed painting him. #warhammer40k #tyranids #40k

July 30th 2014 downtown halifax

Lonely fair in the fog. #halifax #downtown

Playing some Tyranids vs Orks. Swarm on swarm. Ended up a really close tie. Great game. #warhammer40k #tyranids

July 25th 2014 Post has 6 notes.
halifax music hiphop rap

Watching @thisisambeez killing at the casino for free music Friday. #halifax #rap #music #hiphop