Knife of the Party
March 26th 2014 Post has 2 notes.
necrons warhammer40k

Base layer of chrome down on my necrons. Shiny bots of doom. #warhammer40k #necrons

March 25th 2014 Post has 3 notes.
samus metroid nintendo

The hero we deserve.
#nintendo #samus #metroid

March 11th 2014 Post has 41 notes.
40k warhammer 40k Tau

My Tau have taken to the skies! Put together and painted my Sunshark Bomber over the weekend in preparation for 1750 points in our local league.

March 6th 2014 Post has 14 notes.
warhammer fantasy Lizardmen

Just put together the champions for my new Lizardmen fantasy army. I picked up the battalion box today. So many lizards to paint.

I’m going to use these as the paint base for each other guy in the unit. I’ll post the final dudes when I’m done.

March 5th 2014 Post has 26 notes.
mtg magic the gathering EDH Commander

I’ve been tweaking my Rosheen Meanderer Commander deck this week. Goin to do a bunch of playing tonight with it. Its been a lot of fun to play so far. Mana reflections is really awesome in this deck as well as Doubling Season. Smashing with large creatures is a nice relaxing alternative to thinking with other colors.

March 2nd 2014 Post has 11 notes.
40k warhammer 40k Tau

Also got these XV9 suits in the trade. I wanted to try a gold paint idea. Make them more elite than regular crisis suits. The red matches the rest of my Tau so these guys will look great with them.

March 2nd 2014 Post has 1 notes.
40k warhammer 40k tyranids red terror

I got an old school metal Red Terror in a trade. I painted him to match the rest of my growing Tyranids but I don’t think I’ll field him. Bad ass model though.

March 2nd 2014 Post has 1 notes.
40k warhammer 40k tyranids

I’m about 95% done my Venomthrope. Might go back in for some more detail work.

Finished my second Carnifex this weekend. I used the Old One Eye head cuz it looks badass.

February 27th 2014 Post has 3 notes.
40k warhammer 40k tyranids Painting Model

I finished one of my Tyranid Carnifexes this week. Haven’t had much time to update, been really busy at work and what not. Plus putting two of these guys together and painting was gonna take a while. I’ll have a much larger model update hopfully this weekend.

Our LGS is also starting a Fantasy Warhammer escalation league soon. I think in April or May. I normally wasn’t interested in Fantasy, but there are Lizardmen. And they ride dinosaurs. So that is a good enough reason to me.