Great article on some cool local street art in my city. The site also has some interesting articles on the community and local art / vendor scene as well.


Hey Lovely Folk!

The ShopHop, a really neat website which is currently working to highlight Halifax’s local shops, artists, galleries and curios has done a truly brilliant piece on the Stray Kitties and I. The above photographs by Christian Aires are honestly two out of three decent photographs that exist of me in this world, and for that I am grateful.

(My older brother still says I am incapable of not making a goofy face in a photograph, and I won’t argue with that.)

There is an interview you can read here.
And an artist philosophy/bio you can find here

The coolest thing about this site? Everything they highlight is within walking distance of the downtown. Amazing, right? Let’s make this city a walking-friendly landscape again!

Thanks for your time guys!