Knife of the Party
February 17th 2013 Post has 16 notes.
Anime Escaflowne

I’ve started watching Escaflowne this weekend. I always remember the crazy invisible mechas and the main one (Escaflowne) transforms into a dragon. So far its been pretty dramatic. I haven’t watched anime in a while so I’ve forgotten about the amount of drama. I just want to watch robots fight. I’m thinking of starting Evangellion. I’ve never watched that one before, but it seems confusing where to start.

April 5th 2011 Post has 1 notes.
X-Men Anime Intro

New opening for the X-Men Anime. This looks pretty cool. Obviously an Astonishing-style X-Men. I enjoyed what I saw of the Iron Man anime. I’m sure this will be cool too.

October 5th 2010 Post has 4 notes.
iron man anime cartoon marvel

Intro for the upcoming Iron Man Anime. Debuting in 2011