Knife of the Party
October 11th 2014 Post has 2 notes.
gundam transformers extremegroup

Took some pictures of my desk toys today. Definitely getting out of hand. #extremegroup #gundam #transformers

January 30th 2014 Post has 5 notes.
samus aran link figma gundam toys desk

Why can’t all my desk friends get along?

August 20th 2013 Post has 2 notes.
gundam tiny cute

Tiny Gundam was the navigator this weekend. We went on a few fun adventures, but are now tuckered out.

August 16th 2013 Post has 4 notes.
gundam jungle jims

Tiny Gundam had a big plate of nachos tonight. I don’t know if he can fit in that last candy.

August 9th 2013 Post has 4 notes.
mtg gundam

My local store picked up a few of the older From the Vault packs and I picked up the Realms one. Ill be able to use a lot of the land for EDH and what not.

August 7th 2013 Post has 4 notes.
gundam toys pop and lock

Little Gundam dude popping and locking at my desk today.

May 8th 2013 Post has 4 notes.
gundam toys desktop

Taking some pictures of desktop toys and posting to tumblr with my new phone.

March 4th 2013 Post has 5 notes.
Desktop Toys Halo Gundam Graphic Designer

I’ve added some new toys to my desk because my digital picture frame is on the fritz. So now we have Gundams on the right and Halo Spartans with a Warthog on the left and some fun Robots in the centre. I think everyone should share a desk photo, be it from work or home. I think you can learn a lot about someone from their desk space.

January 29th 2013 Post has 5 notes.
gundam toys office

Office Gundams have increased by 1. Nothing from Gundam Wing yet. They’re pretty badass. Some people think they’re too delicate to be “toys”, but I really love them. 

I have a real special place in my heart for robots / robot-suits. Something about humanoid machines. 

November 29th 2012 Post has 4 notes.
Robot Giant Gundam Evangelion Blueprints Pacific Rim

Giant Robot Blueprints. I’m hoping for a pretty spectacular (in special effects) movie with this Pacific Rim stuff. Click for a real big version.