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March 4th 2013 Post has 5 notes.
Desktop Toys Halo Gundam Graphic Designer

I’ve added some new toys to my desk because my digital picture frame is on the fritz. So now we have Gundams on the right and Halo Spartans with a Warthog on the left and some fun Robots in the centre. I think everyone should share a desk photo, be it from work or home. I think you can learn a lot about someone from their desk space.

August 21st 2011 Post has 16 notes.
halo odst reach toys xbox 360 video games

I’ve decided on my armor setup for my customizable armor Spartan. We’ve got ODST shoulder pads and helmet with a CQC chest piece. I don’t have any ODST guys so thats why I chose the helmet. I might switch for the EVA but I dunno. He looks pretty badass.

Photo I setup and did a little photoshopping of some pretty rad toys I have. I’m going to use this image as the base for teaching some of the basics of the photoshop tutorial that I’ll be doing tomorrow at my Young Designer class.

June 8th 2011 Post has 11 notes.
halo reach toys warthog

Toys R Us trip was a success yesterday. Now my Halo dudes have a sweet ride to scoot along in. Oliver the cat is a little frightened.

I’m not a crazy Halo player, but these kills are rediculous. Most are just plain luck.

September 21st 2009 Post has 2 notes.

Entire storyline of Halo in 5 mins.