Knife of the Party

I haven’t posted much design work lately as I’ve been crazy busy with work and by the time I’m done I don’t want to look at a computer screen until the next day. However, one of my local gaming stores is putting of a Commander League, and I offered to do a poster for them. Not every job has to be paid. I just wanted these guys to have a nice piece of work to draw more people to play commander. Its also my favorite format to play in.

Nothing complex in the design, just featured a lot of commanders that our local group use. Jace is there because he is essentially the face of Magic the Gathering and Karn is the most played Planeswalker in commander.

March 5th 2014 Post has 26 notes.
mtg magic the gathering EDH Commander

I’ve been tweaking my Rosheen Meanderer Commander deck this week. Goin to do a bunch of playing tonight with it. Its been a lot of fun to play so far. Mana reflections is really awesome in this deck as well as Doubling Season. Smashing with large creatures is a nice relaxing alternative to thinking with other colors.

October 2nd 2013 Post has 2 notes.
MTG EDH Teysa Orzhov

I’ve ordered my cards to finish off my Teysa EDH deck. The basic theme that I’m trying to run is keeping all my things on the field through undying or persist, or reanimation, and have enter the battlefield effects to take advantage of. Also to make lots of Spirit Tokens. Full decklist here, with some changes happening when I get all the cards together.

September 21st 2013 Post has 3 notes.
mtg theros

Early morning pre release!

August 15th 2013 Post has 2 notes.
MTG Modern Green

I played my Modern deck in a little tournament last night and came second! I was pretty proud of that. My deck is pretty silly and is essentially a green aggro deck, but it uses a lot of haste and trample. The full list is here if you’re interested. I had a lot of fun making it and playing it. 

My loss was against Elves, and I missed my early drops so that was a bummer. I’m going to adjust my sideboard for them now that I know people play them. Surprisingly I didn’t see any Affinity decks, which is more what I was prepared for.

August 13th 2013 Post has 5 notes.
mtg edh Lazav

No one paid any attention to me during our five player EDH game. Then all of a sudden, I killed every player. Amazing.

August 9th 2013 Post has 4 notes.
mtg gundam

My local store picked up a few of the older From the Vault packs and I picked up the Realms one. Ill be able to use a lot of the land for EDH and what not.

August 6th 2013 Post has 6 notes.
MTG Halifax Black Lotus Hal-Con magic the gathering

Poster I designed / illustrated for an upcoming Black Lotus tournament in Halifax. Its kind of a big deal for those who are serious about Magic: The Gathering. I’m not that serious, so I won’t be entering. I’m excited for everyone else though. They’re going to be sending the poster all the way to Ontario and New Hampshire, plus everywhere in between. Its pretty cool to have a piece of my print work go that far.  

June 11th 2013 Post has 3 notes.
mtg werewolf magic the gathering

Got my foil Immerwolves and Instigator Gangs today. Now I’m only 10 cards away from foiling out my Wereeolf deck.

May 22nd 2013 Post has 2 notes.
Update Samsung MTG Thalia Far Cry 3 Arrow Mohawk

It has been a little while since I’ve put something up, so I’ll make a quick little update on my life right now along with pictures to help.

A few weeks ago I decided to leave the iPhone train and hop onto Android with the Samsung S4. So far it’s been awesome. A little confusing at first, but I’m getting the hang of it. The pictures are crazy clear and beautiful. I am however, feeling the lack of certain apps compared to iOS.

Been playing lots of magic. I’m building a new EDH / Commander deck with Thalia as my general. It’s going to focus on slowing players down and pumping out artifacts creatures. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also been playing some newer video games. I downloaded Far Cry 3: Blood Dragons which is an amazing, nostalgic jaunt through neon lights, cyborgs, 80s references and monsters with lazer beam eyes. I highly recommend it. I was enjoying it so much, that I decided to pick up Far Cry 3 and try out the game FC3:BD was using as a basis. I’m enjoying it so far.

After the season finale of Arrow, I decided it was time to start watching it. Because of Netflix, I don’t really like waiting for shows from week to week. It didn’t take too long to download the series. I’m on episode 11 so far, and I’m really digging it. I don’t mind the changes to the character from the comic. I do however have a gripe about calling it “Starling City” instead of “Star City” like it is in the comics. I don’t see the reasoning.

Finally, because of summer’s impending arrival, my mohawk has come into full force and is getting much love from everyone.

That’s it for now.