Knife of the Party
March 5th 2014 Post has 26 notes.
mtg magic the gathering EDH Commander

I’ve been tweaking my Rosheen Meanderer Commander deck this week. Goin to do a bunch of playing tonight with it. Its been a lot of fun to play so far. Mana reflections is really awesome in this deck as well as Doubling Season. Smashing with large creatures is a nice relaxing alternative to thinking with other colors.

August 6th 2013 Post has 6 notes.
MTG Halifax Black Lotus Hal-Con magic the gathering

Poster I designed / illustrated for an upcoming Black Lotus tournament in Halifax. Its kind of a big deal for those who are serious about Magic: The Gathering. I’m not that serious, so I won’t be entering. I’m excited for everyone else though. They’re going to be sending the poster all the way to Ontario and New Hampshire, plus everywhere in between. Its pretty cool to have a piece of my print work go that far.  

June 11th 2013 Post has 3 notes.
mtg werewolf magic the gathering

Got my foil Immerwolves and Instigator Gangs today. Now I’m only 10 cards away from foiling out my Wereeolf deck.

May 9th 2013 Post has 2 notes.
mtg magic the gathering izzet

My Izzet deck for tomorrow’s FNM. Pretty pumped.

April 29th 2013 Post has 19 notes.
MTG Izzet Magic the Gathering

I got to play with some Izzet cards on the weekend as well as some of the newer ones from Dragon’s Maze. I’m not usually an Izzet fan, but the synergy between some of the new cards made them seem like a viable and aggressive guild to build around.

It’ll have some decent burn and some decent control, all while pumping and swinging with some large creatures. I’m hoping for a good balance with it all. My only concern will be card draw if I’m spending my spells too fast.

April 3rd 2013 Post has 9 notes.
Magic The Gathering MTG Kamigawa Ninjas

So I’ve been exploring the Kamigawa block because a lot of older Magic players really don’t like the set. I was talking to a few and I understand now that it came out during a time when the previous block was greatly overpowered in comparison. So standard was essentially ruled by the previous block until the new one after Kamigawa came out.

That aside tho, in 2012,Wizards put out a Night of the Ninja Planechase set that brought back some of the Blue / Black Ninja cards, so I decided to build a U/B ninja deck!

Its been a lot of fun so far, Ninjitsu is an interesting keyword. People can’t block some creatures and then POOF ninja takes its place and does more damage plus a cool effect usually.

Casual Magic can be a lot of fun and building obscure decks under $50 is even better. 

March 18th 2013 Post has 1 notes.
Birthday mtg Magic The Gathering

I got a bunch of Magic for my birthday! Some of my pulls / cards I was given include Tolarian Academy, Blind Obedience, Emrakul, the Aeons torn, Lilliana of the Dark Realms, Giant Adaphage and Promo Gravecrawlers.

There will be more birthday posts as this 28th birthday continues! 

March 4th 2013 Post has 5 notes.
mtg Magic The Gathering Dimir

I got to play Magic with some new people over the weekend and my legacy Dimir deck did pretty well for a while. My Nightveil Specters had snagged a few good cards and some land for me while Lazav on turned into Aurelia the Warleader. Not too bad. I got overwhelmed though with 3 other players. It was still loads of fun though.

February 26th 2013 Post has 9 notes.
MTG Magic the Gathering Zombies Mill

Last night I ended up winning a 9 player free for all, with my Blue/Black zombie mill deck. When it was down to just myself and one other player, I had 15 2/2 zombie tokens (made earlier by Undead Alchemist) and a 20/20 Wight of Precinct Six. Plus the Nightveil Spectre. It was a serious amount of fun. 

I ended up staying alive, as most people started targeting each other with extreme prejudice. So people were being picked off pretty quickly and early on.

February 14th 2013 Post has 8 notes.
MTG Magic the gathering Elesh Norn

I was talking to a friend the other day about how I hated Elesh Norn. She is such a game breaker when she comes out. Then I was thinking, I should build an Elesh Norn themed deck. So I did. Its not terribly original, but it keeps in the flavor of her and all the cards are from New Phyrexia. Hopefully I’ll have it all together by tonight. I love building aggressive White Magic decks. They’re not usually expected.