Knife of the Party
January 30th 2014 Post has 5 notes.
samus aran link figma gundam toys desk

Why can’t all my desk friends get along?

August 7th 2013 Post has 4 notes.
gundam toys pop and lock

Little Gundam dude popping and locking at my desk today.

July 23rd 2013 Post has 2 notes.
Army Men Toys Kids

I got to play with this cool kiddo on the weekend. We built castles / bases for our two teams of army men. He would always beat me.

May 8th 2013 Post has 4 notes.
gundam toys desktop

Taking some pictures of desktop toys and posting to tumblr with my new phone.

March 4th 2013 Post has 5 notes.
Desktop Toys Halo Gundam Graphic Designer

I’ve added some new toys to my desk because my digital picture frame is on the fritz. So now we have Gundams on the right and Halo Spartans with a Warthog on the left and some fun Robots in the centre. I think everyone should share a desk photo, be it from work or home. I think you can learn a lot about someone from their desk space.

February 20th 2013 Post has 7 notes.
Penguin Cosplay Judge Dredd Toys Collectible

If you’re having a bad day ( or even if you’re not ), here is a picture of a penguin dressed as Judge Dredd. You can buy a vinyl figure / collectible of this little guy here.

January 29th 2013 Post has 5 notes.
gundam toys office

Office Gundams have increased by 1. Nothing from Gundam Wing yet. They’re pretty badass. Some people think they’re too delicate to be “toys”, but I really love them. 

I have a real special place in my heart for robots / robot-suits. Something about humanoid machines. 

October 8th 2012 Post has 2 notes.
Gundam action figure Robots Toys

I picked up these “Robot Spirits” Gundam figures from the comic store the other day. I used to love Gundam action figures when I was younger. Not the model kits. Have to be clear. Action figures. I found the idea of painting the model kits intimidating, so I stuck to the action figures.

These guys however are far more elaborate for “action figures”. They’re crazy posable and have different hands for poses and stuff. The white one “Unicorn Gundam” has like 4 crazy guns and a fancy shield and a couple of beam sabres. So lots of accessories. The other one “buster Gundam” with the enormous gun came with a stand that was really cool to help display them. 

I feel like they will make their way to the office soon enough.

Also Oliver immediately knocked over the Buster Gundam after the photo was taken.

July 19th 2012 Post has 4 notes.
Marvel Minimates Alpha Flight AvX Toys SDCC 2012 Mike Holmes

My bud Mike Holmes got back from his time at San Diego Comic Con and managed to pick me up some SDCC exclusive minimates!

These are two pretty sweet 4 packs. AvX has the awesome Hope figure with lots of cool accessories, the cyclops with eye-blast head-piece, Emma Frost and Colossus as Jugs. Which are all pretty cool.

However, the Alpha Flight four pack is where it is at. I was super stoked to get these guys. Finally, Canada’s Premiere Superhero Team assembled in minimate form. I know they’re missing a bunch from the roster, but there is I believe another four pack coming as well as a two pack to round out the team.

June 21st 2012 Post has 4 notes.
Minimates Marvel alpha flight Toys Canada SDCC

This is pretty amazing. Alpha Flight Minimates. Canada’s Premier Super-Hero Team (half of them) as adorable tiny toys. These should be given out when Americans cross the border.

I would definitely want this set. Is anyone going to SDCC?